Nothing else comes close

Canuck Racing Club is a private thoroughbred ownership and racing club that enables select individuals to simultaneously own multiple thoroughbred racehorses with no cap on earnings.  Invited members own a percentage of each equine athlete in a specific group at a pro rata share commensurate to their contribution.

An awesome experience and one hell of a ride

Nothing in the world compares to campaigning a good racehorse. The adrenaline rush of horses thundering by the rail. The thrill of seeing yours blazing through the last furlong to victory.  Savoring every step to the Winner’s Circle.  Standing alongside friends among famous faces and Hall-of-Famers. Framing photos of forever moments. Connecting with traditions and your place in a profound historical fabric. Really LIVING.

Bucket list living

Our members experience and lay claim to what few people on the planet, and in history, ever can. Membership is simultaneously admission into an exclusive club, owning a sports franchise, and accessing one of the most potentially exciting and rewarding experiences of your life.

Our members breathe rare air. If you love the combination of spectacle, anticipation, challenge, chance, skill, and VIP access, you will not be disappointed.

Your best bet

We work with the best buying agent and trainers in the business. We want to ascend into racing’s stratosphere. We’re seizing the chance to represent our nation in the way that few others can in a market that is wide open and eager to have us.

If you feel drawn to this sport or the dream of owning a gifted equine athlete – and possibly a legendary champion – then this is your shot, this is your time, and the Canuck Racing Club is your IN.

Call to action

Race days are exhilarating social events. Intense anticipation, high-energy excitement, special VIP privileges, swag, and access to the owner’s box, backside, and paddock are all part of the Canuck Racing Club experience. So are visits to the stable, invites to auctions, thoroughbred updates, periodic member meetups, talks with trainers, getting to know jockeys, standing together in the Winner’s Circle, and no cap on earnings from races, re-sale, or breeding revenues.

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