Our 5Cs

What this club is all about


Being a member of our club is like owning a sports franchise.  It is a unique opportunity to work with the best in the game, compete at the highest levels nationally, and possibly represent the country on bigger stages.  It is unquestionably a special adventure to be shared with those you care about most.


Only a select few people on the planet ever experience the feeling of campaigning a good racehorse. It is rare air and has remained so throughout history.  A pandemic that taught us more about loss also stressed the value of seizing the day. Life is too short, so we purposely pursue passions, connections, moments, and memorable experiences that make it worth living. 


Our focus is on winning Canadian stakes races at the highest level including the $500,000 Woodbine Oaks and the $1 million King’s Plate, and the Triple Crown, but there are many stakes races in Canada for thoroughbreds at all age levels.  It’s the perfect time to write Canada’s next chapter in this sport and we’re going to remind the world what Canada is capable of.


In this sport, smaller owners can compete against the majors. We emphasize fun but we’re in this to WIN.  Our objective is to campaign elite performers that increase in value, beat the competition, and are envied by them.  


We are an exclusive, private club that connects good people who want to enjoy being part of something special and can add character and energy to the adventure.  All members are vetted, well known quantities. We connect them to each other and to other interesting people. We connect them to all aspects of world-class thoroughbred racing, auction, and training as well as rich traditions, behind-the-scenes news, and the fascinating process of forging elite equine athletes.  We make them industry insiders.