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War Painter

(Filly, Danish Dynaformer – Morning Tale) War Painter’s name is a tribute to Mary Riter Hamilton, a Canadian painter who travelled alone onto devastated, dangerous WWI battlefields to record the…
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(Filly, Souper Speedy-Mona Moon) Vandoo’s name is a tribute to the 22nd Regiment: the most highly trained, disciplined fighting force in the Canadian military.
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(Gelding, Souper Speedy – Two Klassy) Ned Hanlan was Canada’s most prominent athlete of the 19th century and the first Canadian to ever be named world champion in any individual…
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(Filly, Souper Speedy – Here’s Mud Inyr Eye) A 14x winner of the Canada Soccer Player of the Year award, Christine Sinclair is clearly Canada’s best soccer player ever and…
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North Warden

(Gelding, Exaggerator – I’m the Reason) North Warden’s name is a tribute to Halifax: a city that earned its nickname and reputation as Warden of the North by hanging pirates…
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Bowman’s Run

(Gelding, Audible – Queen Martha) Canadian Scotty Bowman’s run in the NHL is legendary as the winningest coach in the league’s history and the “greatest coach ever in professional sport”…
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(Gelding, Old Forester – American Armada) Banting’s name is a tribute to a Canadian war hero, Nobel prize winner, and the discoverer of one of the most ground-breaking medical treatments…
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(Gelding, Silent Name – Spun Lace) The Canuck Racing Club acquired an ownership stake in this dark bay gelding at the start of his 3-year old campaign after he flew…
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(Colt, Silent Name – Holy Cargo) Named after the most decorated Canadian naval officer in WWII, Dewolf is an Ontario-bred colt bought in equal partnership by Canuck Racing Club, SF…
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Pickford Sweet

(Filly, Big Screen – Dreaming of Candy) Pickford Sweet was named after a Canadian actress who became one of the most recognizable people in the world, the most powerful…
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(Colt, Oscar Performance – La Malaguena) Lonehawk was named after Canada’s best-known fighter ace and a legend, Billy Bishop. His preference for solo missions earned him the nickname “The Lone…
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Skylight Caper

(Filly, Souper Speedy – Kin’s Ghost) Skylight Caper was named after one the world’s greatest unsolved art thefts and the most valuable museum heist in Canadian history.
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(Filly, Frac Daddy – Rockyroadto Dublin) Hoodless was named after Adelaide Hoodless, an outspoken educator and one of the most influential women in Canadian history.
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(Colt, Maximum Security – Tocco) Conacher was named after Lionel Conacher, the greatest all-round athlete Canada has ever produced.
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Audax Minor

(Colt, Danish Dynaformer – Miss Medaglia) Audax Minor was named in honour of an award-winning Canadian writer and horse racing columnist who worked at The New Yorker for more than…
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(Filly, Point of Entry – Silent Sister) BrenGunGirl was named after Canada’s first genuine tabloid celebrity, one of its most unique and intriguing cultural icons, and a symbol of an…
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(Colt, Frac Daddy – Sarasota Sunrise) Sluggernaut was named in honour of a Canadian baseball legend, three-time Silver Slugger winner, and five-time MLB All-Star.
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